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Audio/Video Players
Application Description
TheDJ Player
Desktop application linked to one of the Internet's largest libraries of songs. Quick and simple access to theDJ without using Netscape or RealAudio. Preselect your list of favorite music channels, and get instant access to the latest music.
Background Noise
Like the Media Player applet that comes with Windows, but plays multiple, MCI devices, of any supported type. * Supports AVI files, WAV Audio(files), MIDI files, CD-ROM Audio (your musical CDs).
The Juker
Super multimedia jukebox for Windows that plays MIDI, WAV, AVI, etc. Supports song albums, to organize multimedia files into logical groups (jazz, classical, ..etc.). Great for listening to MIDI music in the background. Windows 95 compatible. 16bit and 32
MediaBlaze Gold
Media-Suite. Play, browse and view BMP,WMF,EMF,DIB,RLE CUR,ICO,WAV,MID,RMI ,AVI,CD and other MCI compatible devices such as MPEG, PHOTO CD, VIDEO DISC etc! Also includes a win95 logo changer and interval based reminder functions.
WinJammer Professional
WinJammer Professional, a MIDI sequencer
CyberManager 95
Easily manage Multimedia sounds, images, or movies. Navigate through the many functions without difficulty. Configurable for maximum efficiency for professional multimedia management with ease of use. Views over 23 popular multimedia formats.
MIDI/WAV player for Windows 95 and Windows NT. RandoMedia plays MIDI, WAV, either MIDI or WAV, or both formats simultaneously. Select specific files from anywhere on your machine, and play them either in the order you selected, or in totally random order.
Sound Event Editor
Utility to add Open,Close,Maximize,Minimize,RestoreUp/Down sound events to nearly any program in Windows 95.
Surf's Up 95
Add sounds to different events, but the same sounds play for each event in all programs. Surf's Up 95 extends Win 95's sound support to enable you to configure different sounds for each event for all your programs.

Cataloging Tools
Application Description
Music Organizer
Organize your music collection (CDs, casettes, records). Unlimited Number of Records; Graphical Data Field for scanned-in images; Flexible Sorting and Searching; Powerful Reports; Printing Labels; Print Preview; Flexible Filters & more.
Organize, manage, and play your WAV audio files. Store 10 favorites in easy push-button access. Quickly browse through whole directories.
Keep it Compact
Compact-disc database program. It not only stores Artist, Title and Tracks info, but also other info that is important for music lovers, like: year of release, record label, recording studio, producer, genre, free comments and even the cover picture.
MusiFind 95
The ultimate database for your music collection, whether its on vinyl, cassette, compact disc, or other media!
Recording Database
Track audio recordings. Quick entry of info about a recording, drop-down format and category choices. Track & detailed performer data can also be entered in two other, related database forms. Data sorted by various criteria, graphical trees available.
Organize your live music repertoire, with many features geared towards live performances. WinTaper will generate and print tape lists or ascii lists. Also allows for easy copying of data via the clipboard. Label printing is a snap.

CD Applications
Application Description
Super CD player and database for Windows. If you enter the CD and song titles, they are automatically remembered each time you use that CD again. You can even rearrange song order or remove unwanted songs from the album!
CD/Spectrum Pro
CD-Audio Player with Graphical Spectrum Analyzer for Win95. Has two independent parts: 1) The CD-Audio player is a full-blown player of audio CDs for your PC; 2) The spectrum analyzer graphically depicts the frequency spectra of the CD music in real time.
CD Player which displays titles, songs, movements, composers, performers, etc... and manages your collection of CDs. Facilitates the entry of the data describing the the contents of the CD. A large database of classical composers is included.
CD Ejector
Worried about damaging your CD-ROM drive's tray by constantly reaching under it to press the open/close button? Ejector is for you, making it easy to open/close your CD-ROM drive's tray by providing an icon in the Windows 95 notification area extending &
CD Equaliser
Animates a picture on the screen like a screen saver. The difference, is that CD Equaliser changes the picture based on the audio CD playing in your CD-ROM drive. Choose the image that will be drawn in the CD Equaliser window, and add in other images.
CD Player for Word
Enjoy audio CDs while you do your work. The Title database actually remembers the CD's title & author,a Random Play, Fast Forward/Rewind, Skip Tracks, Pause & Eject. Plays CDs in the background. Looks and works like a real CD Player INSIDE WORD 7!
When you heard about AutoRun and AutoPlay, you expected more, right? Well, now CDRunner 3 delivers it! Handle those CD's just the way you expected it to. All CD's work like AutoRun discs! Even if your hardware won't currently let you!
CD player with some noteworthy features include: Disc information tracking, collection searching, collection printing, programmed playback, customizable display, drag&drop functionality. Fully-functional evaluation version.
Easy CD2
Award winning audio CD player that is fully integrated with the cddb Internet servers and local database of well over 13,000 CD's. EasyCD2 is small, efficient, and full featured. It even includes an integrated volume control.
FastCD personal edition
Run multimedia & other CD-ROM applications directly off hard disks, even without a CD-ROM drive. Build identical images of CD-ROM discs onto hard disk and subsequently access these "virtual CD-ROMs" to run their applications.
Speed Up Your CD-ROM Instantly! Increase the performance of your CD-ROM drive. Get more speed and value out of your existing CD-ROM drive. Reduce choppy audio and video in your favorite CD games.
Small program that will play the CD continuously. SuperCD Player will reside in your System Tray when run. Click on the icon to start or stop playing. Double clicking it will skip to the next track.
An audio cd player that keeps a record of all your cd's track names and title for Windows 95. Supports Autoplay.
It is getting increasingly difficult to remember where to find that particular track you're looking for. TrakFinder uses the Windows 95 CD Player's index to search through all of your registered CDs to find that track you want to hear so much.

Application Description
WinKaraoke Creator
Hey kids and grownups! Create your own Karaoke Extavaganza. This is the creation module. Also look for the WinKaraoke player in this section.
WinKaraoke Player
Player module for WinKaraoke Creator for *.KAR files.

MIDI Applications
Application Description
Audio Compositor
Realize standard MIDI files directly as digital audio. Scores can be processed in real time and played on your sound card. The output may be directed to a .WAV file for later playback--and deal comfortably with extremely complex scores.
AweVBank 96
Copy/paste patches, drag&drop them, move them, right-click them etc. The tabs on the top give you access to all the banks on the Awe32. This one shows all the patches that you uploaded 'virtual'.
MIDI JukeBox 2
MIDI JukeBox 2 allows you to select and playmultiple MIDI and/or .WAV files. Use the Open command, or by drag-and-drop, or by associating files with MIDI JukeBox 2.Files can be played once or in a continuous loop. Requires Windows 95 or NT 3.51
MIDI/WAV/RMI player and MIDI file organizer. Designed for those who like a desktop MIDI player which brings convenience whenever they play and manage their beloved MIDI files. Also provides library functions for managing or categorizing MIDI files.
MIDInight Express
Brings real time, wavetable MIDI rendering to Windows 95 - without an expensive wavetable card! Use it either as a "pre-listener" running alongside WAVmaker, the pro quality MID to WAV renderer and audio editor, or as a standalone renderer and player.
MIMA Midi Masterkeyboard Controller
Lets you use normal midi keyboards as a masterkeyboard. Create stacksounds & splitpoints(divide your keyboard in up to 16 zones). Give your controllers (sustain pedal, modulation wheel) new tasks. Save settings in 128 patches. Simplify midi switchings.
There are many programs that acts as a jukebox for MIDI files. This time it's designed for Windows 95 and installs itself in the Windows task bar. You'll also be able to organize your favourite songs into an song album.
Random MIDI Player
Will play any MIDI file found in the selected directory tree/branch, toplay in sequence or in random fashion.
MIDI music composition program. First tracker program ever made for Windows 95. Since RealMaker is a tracker program, a keyboard is not necessary for creating a song. However, recording with a MIDI input device is possible.

Multimedia Presentations
Application Description
Create greeting messages for your PC or answering machine! Record using the built-in voice recorder, then add any sound effects using the simple "drag and drop" style interface. Save in .WAV file format.
Batch Converter Plug-In
Time-saving utility for those needing to convert tens, hundreds, or thousands of sound files to different formats. This plug-In reduces the process to a few simple mouse clicks.
Self-contained Electronic Greeting Card Composer/Viewer. E-mails easily, extracts & plays the self-playing computer card. Use easy to personalize sample cards, or compose cards yourself. Simple to add sound, midi, pauses, even animation!
Formula Graphics
Brings your artwork, sounds and animations together to create highly interactive multimedia titles. Dynamic palette management for 256 color presentations. The system handles five animation file formats and four styles of playback, as well as MCI video.
FXTools Professional
Add stunning special effects to individual multimedia elements like images, text, shapes, video, and sound. Perfect choice for adding visual impact to CD-ROM titles, computer based training, interactive kiosks, presentations, advertising, and demos.
Interfaze lets you create multimedia applications quickly. Perfect for presentation purposes. QuickTime and sound support, multi-langage capabilities, slideshow, looping, special effects, s, application installer, royalty-free usage.
Medialab Demo
Samples of MEDIA!LAB multimedia programming toolkit for Windows demonstrating: Sprite animation, AVI/FLC/FLI video, Transparent "blue screen" cinematic animation, BMP/PCX/DCX imaging, Sound, Collision detection, & more! Win 3.1 and 95 versions.
View and manipulate your favorite MediaForge titles, games, presentations or kiosks. This plug-in unlocks the possibilities of interactive media and communication on the Internet regardless of where you are.
Noise Reduction Plug-In
Sound Forge plug-in. Reduction of background noise based on noiseprint generated from the noise itself. Can be manually modified or created. Fully programmable controls. Provides 3 distinct tools for the analysis and removal of noise from recordings
Scala MultiMedia
Scala MultiMedia is packed with functions specially developed for fast, top-quality multimedia productions, whether you're a beginner or a professional. As your needs expand, you'll be amazed by all the possibilities you discover.
If you teach classes based around software, give demonstrations of computer applications or give presentations using software of any kind, you need to check out SoftShow. SoftShow has all you need for outstanding presentations.
Sound Forge Multimedia Demo
Sound Forge 3.0 for 32-bit Windows is a professional hard-disk based sound editor for Win 95 and Win NT. Its flexible and intuitive user interface provides audio professionals and amateurs alike access to an extensive suite of signal features
Sound Forge XP
Cross-platform developers will appreciate the most extensive file conversion available. Provides a wide range of Audio Processing functions including Fades, Pans, Normalize, Reverse, Smooth, and Stereo/Mono conversion, and many audio effects.
Spectrum Analysis Plug-In
Sound Forge plug-in. Analyzes vital frequency content in digital recordings. Powerful analysis functions. One or two channel FFT analysis. Linear & logarithmic displays. 2-D or 3-D Spectral graph, Color & B/W Sonogram. Up to 65,536 frequency bands/points.

Musical Notation & Education
Application Description
A Musical Tutorial
Musical study package. Treble/bass note & chord sight reading. Associate notes to piano keys. Chord dict. Musical games. Play, view and print scales, chords and triads. User log. Print sight reading test papers. Intervals, ear tests, key signatures, etc.
Ds ChordFinder
No 'musical ear'? Don't want to spend a fortune in song books? this may be the solution. This program uses frequency analysis to recognize guitar chords in recorded music.Record a song with your sound card, load it in and see which chords are played.
Ds Tune Guitar Tuning
Connect your guitar/microphone to your sound card & see the exact frequency with a needle on a tuning device. Accuracy higher than 0.1 Hz, reaction time is 0.2 sec. Preset & custom tunings, autoc string and overtones selections, volume & signal indication
Guitar Teacher
Study, save and print guitar-chord diagrams. Print chord charts. Supports Sound Blaster, MIDI audio boards. 7 chord formulas, 6 alternatives per chord. 504 chords, formula and voicing displayed. Right or left-handed fingering. Includes guitar tuner.
Keynote Music Drills
Helps the beginning music student to learn, improve note reading skills on various clefs and identifying/playing notes on the keyboard and guitar. Customizable options allow you to create various flash card type drills including sound support.
Design and visualize marching band drills BEFORE you go to the field. Create simple to complex designs with powerful graphic tools including point, line, block, parallelogram, arc, circle, and freeform bezier curves. Print your charts in Windows

Sequencers, Editors & Mixers
Application Description
Audio file manipulator. Importable file formats: AIFC,AIFF, AU, AVR, CDR,DEWF, DMF, DSF, DSM, EFE, EUI, F2R, FAR, FSM, GKH, IFF, INS, KRZ, MED, MDL, MOD, MTM, OKT, PAT, PSM, RAW, SAM, SBK, SDK(S50,S550,S330), and tens more!
Editor/librarian for Roland GS synthesizers. True MIDI multitasking & can play your MIDI files as you edit. Data saved in standard sysex format. Store edits within your sequences or as standalone banks and create your own sounds for easy recall.
Cool Edit
Digital sound editor. "Paint program" for audio. "Paint" with sound: tones, pieces of songs & voices and miscellaneous noises. Add special effects to "touch up" your sounds: reverberation, noise reduction, echo and delay, flanging, filtering & many others
Drums Professional
Real-time pattern based editor sequencer for drum parts. Compatible with any MIDI device driver or sound card. Shareware. Registration fee 30 US
Digital audio editor. Realtime amplitude, spectrum & spectrogram oscilloscopes, intelligent large file editing, numerous effects, and support/conversion for many sound formats including .wav, .voc, .afc, .au, and binary data.
Easy-to-use control panel for Roland GS compatible devices. It also supports the Roland GM devices RAP-10, SCDB-10 and SCB-7. The main purpose of GS-Panel is to let you easily change the reverb macro, level & time and the master volume & pan.
IDFEdit for Windows 95
Create Instrument Definition Files(IDFs) describing how to map General MIDI data to play on a non-General MIDI instrument. A file can contain descriptions for more than one instrument. Useful for creating one file describing a related class of instruments
Add-on for WAVmaker and MIDInight Express. the pro quality MID to WAV renderer and audio editor. Its modular user interface allows you to keep only those controls which you really need on-screen.
MicroMixer is a Win95 application. It should function with all audio cards that are Win95 compatible. It aims to replace Win95's SndVol32.exe application that so often takes up too much of our valuable desktop space.
Analog sequencer emulator for Windows 95 and Windows NT. Seq-303 was inspired by many of the great analog sequencers of yore, including the Serge TKB, ARP 1613, PaIA 4700, Korg SQ-10, and of course the venerable Roland TB-303.
Sound Gadget Pro
Sound Editor for Windows95/NT 32-Bit sound editor for Windows95 and Windows NT. Uses the new controls such as tab dialogs and property sheets. Supports .WAV, .VOC, .AU, .SND. Format Changing, Fading, Stereo Panning, etc.
TekMedia Suite
Wav Player, CD-Player, AVI Player, MIDI Sequencer. Easy to use. This product is for the Novice PC music oriented user.
Aleatoric MIDI events generator and editor. Incorporates a built-in Sequencer. Draw distributions and functions with the mouse (suitable for a real-time work). Adjust settings in the distribution of Notes, Velocity, Voices, Density and Length.

Application Description
Create an audio environment around your computer. You can choose from eight different background sounds to create an audio ambiance. Great for blocking those disturbing noises around your office, cubicle, home or apartment.
Application for controlling the FM Radio card manufactured by Reveal, a simple circuit card that plugs into your PC that allows one to listen to FM radio on a PC through external speakers connected directly to the Radio card, or speakers via a sound card.
Full duplex drivers for SB16/AWE32
We are very pleased to offer these on the site. These are critical for SoundBlaster audio cards to enjoy 2-way telephone conversations over the Internet using your favorite phone application
Microsoft Voice
Speech-recognition engine and a text-to-speech engine from those people at Microsoft!
Mod Rename
Renames MOD sound files. Sound files will have different internal filenames (longer than DOS'). Extracts the original name, using Win95's long-filename capability.
ROLAND GR09 Guitar Synthesizer
Utility designed and tailored to support the ROLAND GR09 Guitar Synthesizer. Simplified Access to GR09 Data, When you need it, how you need it.
Enables realistic audio to be integrated in third party products ranging from browsers to authoring tools to original content. Using RSX technology, audio can be rendered to create a realistic sound experience.
SensuVoX I
Collection of over 500 WAV files from 5 different vocalists designed to work with speech programs within Windows. Allows you to give your PC a "Sensual Voice". Over 100 standard commands from each of the vocalists.
Wind Chimes
Its to hearing what lighting is to vision. Creates an aural ambiance. Simulates the sound and behavior of real Wind Chimes, or a guitarist picking out a tune, or (if you like) the gunfight at the OK Corral. Wind Chimes can run in the background.
WinDecks Audio Rack
Gravis Ultrasound Sound Console.

Video Players
Application Description
ADI MPEG Audio Player
32 bit MPEG audio player. Unlike other software players available on the net, AMAPLAY was optimized for MPEG sound quality, not CPU cycles. If you want to enjoy MPEG audio at its best, then AMAPLAY is for you.
Multi-featured AVI player. It has many features such as loop play, reverse play, sound on or off, windowed or full-screen display, user-defined frame rate and step rate, user-defined start and end frames, scaling, etc.
Ladybug is an MPEG decoder/viewer with audio.
Decodes MPEG Audio Layer 1 & 2 files, which are factor of 6-12 times smaller than uncompressed audio (like Windows WAVE, Sun AU, or Mac AIFF files). Despite huge compression, there's no audible signal loss! Retain CD-quality sound.
Mpeg 32-bit Viewer
MPEG PLAY 1.61 MPEG player for Windows 95/NT.
Real time decoding and playback of all MPEG 1 layer 2 files (files with MP2 extension), WAV file playback, Ability for real-time audio playback, Variable bit rate decoding, No limits on MPEG file size, partially downloaded files are also playable!
Net Toob
NET TOOB enables playback of MPEG-1, Video for Windows (AVI), Quicktime for Windows (MOV), and will soon offer an upgrade to enable real-time MPEG-1 audio and video via the 'Net. #.x or higher app, but highly praised by ALL critics!
FLIC Video/movie player. Full screen playing/stretching. Cool Real-Time contrast and brightness support! Options for fast memory playing, or low memory disk playing. Easy to control playback speed. Lots more!
Get 3 aplications in one! MPEG player, Video CD player, and the SoftPeg player. Quite a trio!
Video Express Viewer
All-in-one video file playback utility. Support for "Streaming Media", multiple motion media formats(VFW, MPEG, QuickTime, MJPEG, animation and sound files. Auto-configures to leading web browsers.

WAVE Tools
Application Description
Plays the audio at the same time it's loaded from the network. The audio data is sent direct to the audio card for playback instead of first saving it to disk. Play all .wav-formats and .au-formats.Can play TrueSpeech-files.
QUACK Sound Effects Studio
Powerful, easy to use program which allows you to create your own sound effect WAV files from scratch. Whether you need new sounds for multimedia, games, or just for fun, you are no longer limited to what you can record.
This program has one function: to convert newer WAVE files containing extra header information to the canonical format that many older programs require. If you don't know why you'd want to do that, you don't need it.
MIDI to WAVE converter(MIDI renderer) using Gravis Ultrasound-compatible patch files to generate digital audio data from General MIDI files. Audio data can be played through an audio device or stored on disk. On a fast PC, music can be played in real time
First program on the market that integrates an Audio database for managing audio files on multiple media, and the first on the PC incorporating high-quality Time Stretching/Pitch Shifting using the same algorithms as the famous Steinberg Timebandit.
WaveMaker 95/NT
Designed for operation with Windows 95/NT. The full version allows you to export Wave files, and to paste sound into any multimedia application. You will also be notified about product updates and new technical developments.
Browse easily to browse through a collection of WAV files by not forcing the user to go through the open dialogue every time you want to play a WAV file. Utilizes the new multimedia dynamic link libraries.
Create CD-quality songs on standard WAV format with virtually unlimited polyphony, even if you don't own an expensive wavetable soundcard. Enjoy WAVmaker's output for its own sake or include it in your programs and multimedia productions.

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